‘Oil boiler failures fuel heat pump boom’

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Households using oil boilers are more likely to experience heating problems and are showing a higher willingness to switch to heat pumps, according to recent findings from energy company Good Energy.

The survey, conducted by Opinium, revealed that nearly 78% of oil-heated households reported issues with their heating, compared to 58% of the general population.

Despite misinformation campaigns about heat pumps, almost 53% of oil-heated home residents are considering heat pump technology, higher than the national average of 40%.

The survey indicated that those experiencing heating problems, regardless of their current system, are even more inclined to consider heat pumps, with nearly 70% showing interest.

Misinformation about heat pumps remains prevalent.

Almost 24% of oil-heated households mistakenly believe heat pumps do not work in cold weather, and nearly 36% incorrectly think heat pumps are louder than refrigerators.

These figures are higher than the national averages of 15% and 23%, respectively.

The latest government data reveals a significant rise in BUS voucher applications, reaching 40,259 by April 2024, with air source heat pump (ASHP) installations accounting for 96% of the total applications.

Good Energy Chief Executive Nigel Pocklington said: “It is no wonder that people in oil heated homes want to get off the ghastly stuff. Not only is oil terrible for the environment, it’s smelly, takes up space and the costs are unpredictable.

“Despite some culture warriors peddling the rubbish that larger, rural properties are unsuitable for heat pumps, we have successfully swapped out oil boilers for heat pumps in plenty of off gas grid homes.

“We see no reason for either main political party to put off the inevitable end to oil heating.

“The UK has to decarbonise heating fast and off gas grid, oil heated homes should be among the first to go green.”

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