Oil and gas knowledge tool receives £50k funding

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Oil and gas knowledge tool receives £50k funding

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A digital resource for the oil and gas industry has received £50,000 from the Scottish Government.

This supplements the £800,000 already received from businesses, universities and other sponsors to enable the research, development and launch of the platform, which aims to tackle a looming knowledge and experience gap in the sector.

The International Centre for Oil and the Environment (ICOE) is working to capture the accumulated knowledge and inter-disciplinary expertise of the last 40 years of offshore operations to transfer it to the next generation.

The digital resource will also advise workers and managers to meet the challenges of simultaneously working in a safe, cost effective and environmentally friendly way.

Paul Warwick, Chairman of ICOE’s advisory council, said: “The loss of personnel through today’s and previous downturns has created a gap in knowledge and experience. Our survivability and sustainability depend upon filling this vacuum.

“ICOE’s resource will help close the knowledge and experience gap by providing expert guidance on the best solutions to the challenges of low morale, knowledge loss, ageing infrastructure and declining investor confidence as a result of the urgent need to bring costs to more realistic and sustainable levels in a lower for longer oil price environment.”

Another oil and gas tool has also been launched in the Middle East.

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