Ofgem: Supplier customer service satisfaction drops

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The latest findings from Ofgem‘s Energy Consumer Satisfaction survey have spotlighted Octopus as a leading performer in the energy market.

Conducted between 30th August and 18th September 2023, the survey marks the first instance of Ofgem disclosing supplier-specific data, offering a comprehensive look into customer experiences within the sector.

Among the key revelations, Octopus emerged with an 84% satisfaction rate, exceeding the industry average of 69%.

EDF Energy, OVO Energy and ScottishPower fell below the average, with satisfaction rates of 61% and 62% respectively.

Furthermore, customer service satisfaction averaged 62%, with Octopus once again outperforming competitors at 76%.

EDF Energy, Scottish Power and OVO Energy reported lower-than-average satisfaction rates at 54%, 55% and 57% respectively.

The survey also highlights a decline in satisfaction with supplier customer service, dropping from 66% at the close of 2022 to the current 62%.

The main reasons cited for dissatisfaction include difficulties in contacting suppliers when needed (37%), feeling unheard (34%) and prolonged query resolution times (34%).

Tim Jarvis, Director General of Retail and Markets at Ofgem, said: “Transparency is crucial to allow energy users to make informed choices, and we are determined to give customers the information they need so they can choose a supplier that works for them.

“We have already seen improvement to fix issues we identified in our deep-dive review of customer service in 2022, but today’s data is a reminder that there is still work to be done, and publishing company-specific data adds another incentive for suppliers to keep pace with their rivals – or risk losing customers.”

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