Ofgem mulls interconnecting 5.5GW of power

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Ofgem mulls interconnecting 5.5GW of power

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Five new electricity interconnector projects that could be built in the next five years have been announced by Ofgem.

They have a total capacity of up to 5.5GW and if approved, would connect the UK’s electricity network to France, Ireland, Norway and Denmark, helping improve security of energy supply.

The projects will now move to the Initial Project Assessment (IPA) stage, where the regulator will see how the projects interact, if they are likely to be in the interests of UK consumers and deliver value for money.

Martin Crouch, Ofgem’s Senior Partner for Transmission said: “These five new projects, if approved and then built, could provide real benefits to consumers. They can help to lower electricity supply prices, lower the cost of delivering security of supply and support the decarbonisation of energy supplies.”

Ofgem has already assessed two interconnector projects – Eleclink and Nemo – which in total with the other five could lead to investment of up to £6 billion.

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