Ofgem consults on subsea grid links

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Ofgem has today published a consultation for the first two of a series of planned underwater high voltage direct current (HVDC) links for the UK’s east coast.

The plan is to construct two HVDC links with a capacity of 2GW each connecting Scotland to the northeast of England.

The Eastern HVDC project represents an investment of £3.4 billion, which is claimed to be the largest spend on electricity transmission in the UK’s recent history.

The links are designed to increase renewable energy capacity across the UK.

Commenting on the consultation, Rob McDonald, Managing Director of SSEN Transmission, said: “We welcome Ofgem’s recognition of the need for these investments, which are critical to support the delivery of the UK and Scottish Government’s 2030 offshore wind targets and the transition to net zero emissions.

“For every year these links are not in place we risk wasting hundreds of millions of pounds of GB consumers money in constraint payments. It is therefore essential that everyone works hard to ensure there are no delays to the delivery of this critical national infrastructure.”

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