Obama’s green policies keep on truckin’

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Obama’s green policies keep on truckin’

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President Obama is to set new greenhouse gas and fuel efficiency standards for big-rig trucks.

The new regulations were proposed last year and next week will become law, to be implemented under the next president’s watch.

These trucks account for almost 20% of US greenhouse gas emissions and oil consumption while only making up about 5% of all road vehicles.

Some in the industry are worried about whether the rules will mean expensive changes have to be made, whilst others are feeling more optimistic.

Cummins, the largest truck engine maker in the world, supports the rules. Its Director of Energy Policy and Environmental Compliance, Brian Mormino, said: “We have worked very closely with the regulators and other manufacturers and all of that has gone in the right direction.”

Truck technology trade association, Calstart, has also issued a report saying that changes to standards will continue to ensure the US vehicle technology sector remains a global leader.

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