Northern Ireland-Scotland electricity link proposed

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A transmission licence application has been made in Northern Ireland (NI) for a proposed new electricity interconnector, which aims to connect NI and Scotland around the end of the decade.

The project, spearheaded by Transmission Investment, is set to be privately financed.

The interconnector is expected to enhance access to other electricity markets, reducing the likelihood of power outages.

Known as LirIC, the interconnector will provide up to 700MW of additional capacity between the Irish Integrated Single Energy Market and the GB wholesale electricity market.

The project is estimated to cost £700 million.

Keith Morrison, LirIC Project Director, Transmission Investment said: “This interconnector will help balance out the system so that power can be imported or exported according to market requirements.”

Martin Doherty of the Centre for Advanced Sustainable Energy stated: “This development is a key step on the path to providing NI with the clean power to transform our economy over the next decades.”

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