New working group to drive clean hydrogen agenda within government

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A new hydrogen working group that aims to drive the clean hydrogen agenda within government has been launched by the Association for Renewable Energy and Clean Technology (REA).

The ‘Green Gas forum’ has replaced the long-established ‘Biogas forum’ to reflect the importance of all green gases.

The REA sees clean hydrogen, in combination with biomethane and other green gases, as crucial to decarbonise heat, power, transport and industry, playing a vital role in delivering net zero emissions in the UK.

The group hopes its experience in the area of biomethane, renewable transport, energy storage and flexible power will help unlock the regulatory barriers faced by clean hydrogen.

REA Director of Policy Frank Gordon said: “Earlier this year we published the REA Strategy, a pathway which identifies a range of actions that need to be taken to decarbonise the energy sector. Green and bio-hydrogen, which can deliver zero or even negative GHG emissions, have a long term role to play in delivering net zero – growth in this area is crucial if the government is going to meet its ambitions.

“The ‘Green Gas forum’ will play an important part in pressing for policy change for clean hydrogen, biomethane and other green gases – I’m looking forward to continuing our partnership with our 550 members to press for progress.”

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