New lab turns up the heat on gas and nuclear tech

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New lab turns up the heat on gas and nuclear tech

Image: Amec Foster WheelerImage: Amec Foster Wheeler

A new laboratory will provide open access to test materials used in nuclear plants and gas turbines.

Amec Foster Wheeler (AFW) today announced the official opening of the High Temperature Facility (HTF) at its technology centre in Warrington.

The HTF, built with a £2 million grant from the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, will research materials used in energy systems such as Generation IV nuclear fission, nuclear fusion and advanced gas turbines.

The lab is equipped to test materials at up to 1,000°C or in demanding conditions such as pressurised gas and liquid metal.

It will allow researchers to develop new predictive models to underpin the selection, manufacture and performance of materials used in advanced energy generation technology.

Scientists aim to design solutions to the sector’s most complex problems.

Greg Willetts, Consultancy Director at AFW Clean Energy, said: “The new laboratory will help to re-establish the UK as a major contributor to advanced technology for new nuclear reactors and other new energy systems. The High Temperature Facility will improve our understanding about how materials perform at high temperatures, which is vital in the development of new technologies.”

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