Nearly 52% of UK homeowners in the dark about EPCs

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The energy performance certificate (EPC) is an unfamiliar term for almost 52% of homeowners.

That’s according to a recent research conducted by David Wilson Homes, which surveyed 500 UK homeowners to identify the property jargon that often leaves Brits bewildered.

From conveyancing to equity, EPC to stamp duty, the survey delved into the understanding of these terms among homeowners.

“Indemnity insurance” emerged as the least recognised term, with nearly 81% of survey respondents confessing that they do not grasp its meaning.

The acronym “EPC” also ranked as an unfamiliar term for 52% of homeowners.

This revelation raises concerns, as it suggests that a significant portion of homeowners may not be aware of the energy efficiency rating of their homes – a crucial piece of information that can have financial implications, particularly during the colder months.

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