Motorways to get energy storage boost for EV charging

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To make charging electric vehicles (EVs) on motorways easier, National Highways is investing in new energy storage systems for service stations.

These systems will be in place for when the grid supply is not sufficient for rapid charging infrastructure – so drivers can still charge up their cars on long journeys without the fear of ‘range anxiety’.

The energy storage systems are essentially large battery packs that will provide extra electricity than what is currently in place.

The move is the next step in the government’s plans to have more than 6,000 high powered chargers on the motorway network by 2035.

The announcement also follows the Prime Minister’s statement earlier today that all new houses, workplaces and shops will be built with EV chargers – as the government looks to kickstart the ‘EV revolution’.

Head of Energy for National Highways, Malcolm Wilkinson, said: “Whilst we have limited control over the number of petrol and diesel cars on the network, by supporting the expansion of the rapid charge points network, we hope to increase EV drivers’ confidence for all types of journeys, both long and short.”

Transport Minister Trudy Harrison added: “Our vision is to have one of the best EV infrastructure networks in the world and we want charging to be quick and easy for all drivers.”

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