More than half of North West ‘excelling at efficiency’

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More than half of North West ‘excelling at efficiency’

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More than half of North West England are champions of energy efficiency.

That’s according to Electricity North West, the region’s network operator, which conducted a survey of 1,506 people regarding their implementation of energy saving measures at home and general attitudes towards decarbonisation.

More than half were labelled as ‘Energy Busting Beths’ – people the company says are excelling with green behaviour and setting the benchmark in terms of reducing energy consumption.

An additional 40% were identified as ‘Energy Steady Eddies’. These people were working hard to conserve energy but are aware there is more they can do to cut usage and reduce emissions.

Around 9% were branded ‘Energy Drain Janes’, people using more than their fair share of the planet’s resources without being concerned about the impact this may have.

Blackpool and Preston were shown to be the most energy efficient, with 56% categorised as ‘Energy Busting Beths’, in contrast to Lancaster and Stockport, which each had 46% in this group.

Lancaster also had the highest percentage of Energy Drain Janes, at 12%.

Paul Bircham, Commercial Strategy and Support Director at Electricity North West, said: “While overall the results were encouraging, there is still more consumers could do.

“With the energy landscape facing the biggest change in its history it’s vital we all change our behaviour towards energy consumption.”

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