Minesto unleashes marine energy ‘sea kites’

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Minesto unleashes marine energy ‘sea kites’

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New ‘sea kite’ tidal technology is more cost effective than other low carbon power, such as offshore wind.

That’s according to Martin Edlund, the CEO of marine energy firm Minesto, who spoke to ELN at RenewableUK’s recent Wave and Tidal 2017 conference.

He said the nature of the innovative system could play an important role in tidal and wave technology becoming a significant part of the UK’s clean energy mix in the future.

He said: “We fly kites underwater. The uniqueness with that principle is really what makes our claims on significantly lower cost of energy relevant.

“What we do is push a turbine through the water and with a wing system, with a lifting force on the wing, that turbine is pushed at a significantly higher speed through the water than the actual flow of the water – its up to ten times, so we get really, really good turbine efficiency. ”

Mr Edlund added it offers ‘huge gains’ the sector.

ELN also spoke to a number of other leading figures from the marine energy industry at the conference.

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