Mind the Gap! All change for Energy Markets?

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Mind the Gap! All change for Energy Markets?

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Brought to you by our friends at MEUC, free energy days for business customers puzzled by:

  • The Ukranian gas crisis remains unresolved and conflict escalates in the Middle East. Yet oil
    prices are below $100 and seemingly heading south.
  • Two nuclear stations are stood down for emergency repairs and National Grid seeks
    industry’s help to keep the lights on. Yet power prices remain benign.
  • The fuel suppliers are relied on to provide massive new investment in overdue plant. Yet a
    price freeze is threatened and the competition enquiry could break them up.
  • Larger customers are caroled into yet another bureaucratic scheme (ESOS). Yet the
    mandatory audits do not require any follow up action.

If you think a credibility gap is enveloping our energy future and making it harder to see a way through then examine and debate the issues at one of the MEUC’s free one-day business energy roadshows:

London, October 7th
Bradford, October 14th
Birmingham, October 15th

You’ll also hear about government plans to surcharge your business for the new fixed price contracts (CfDs) for renewable generators and for the incentives to provide stand by power through the new capacity market.

What’s in Store?

  • Each day contains Four Forums, each with an expert presentation, specialist interview and
    open debate with audience participation through electronic voting:
  • Demand side management options and incentives
  • Gas supplies, prices and contracts outlook
  • Future energy prospects after the election
  • Power supplies, prices and contracts outlook.
  • Give your views and see what the others think on these key issues.

Why is it Relevant?

Supported by the networking exhibition and with complimentary lunch and refreshments provided coming along to the MEUC’s Eleventh National Energy Roadshow is a must if:

  • You buy and budget for energy
  • You manage energy efficiency projects and programmes
  • You report your carbon emissions, or
  • You plan your company’s energy future.

See the programme here

Choose the venue best suited and reserve your free place here

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