Mars to spend $1bn making snacks sustainable

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Mars to spend $1bn making snacks sustainable

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Mars has said it will spend $1 billion (£760m) to become more sustainable.

The food and drink brand made the announcement as part of its new sustainability plan, which promises to slash greenhouse gas emissions across the company’s value chain by 67% before 2050.

The money will be used to increase investment in renewable energy, as well as sustainable farming practices and food sourcing.

Mars said although many businesses have made good progress in reducing the environmental impact of their own operations, not enough progress has been made in greening their broader supply chains.

CEO Grant F. Reid added: “Today, climate science is clear and we understand the environmental and social challenges in our supply chain better than ever before.

“With this knowledge, it is clear that the scale of intervention needs to be much bolder – now is the time for business to reassess its role and responsibility in the face of the evidence.”

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