Marine energy makes waves in UK waters

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Marine energy makes waves in UK waters

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The UK is well-positioned to lead a global marine energy industry.

That’s according to the experts who spoke to ELN at RenewableUK’s Wave and Tidal 2017 conference in Westminster, who discussed the important role the emerging technology could play in the future of Britain’s energy system.

Ian Selby, Head of Minerals and Resource Management at the Crown Estate said: “We’ve got world class tidal resources, we’ve got probably the best in the world, particularly when you think about the configuration of the coast and the people that live next to them, so we’ve got a great tidal range opportunity, particularly on the west coast. It can make a significant contribution to UK energy.”

External Affairs Manager at OpenHydro, Sue Barr, outlined the steps needed to ensure the UK continues to make the most of its resources and lead the market.

She said: “What we really need is a long term strategy and policy for delivery of marine energy in UK waters. We’ve seen some of the newest and the best innovation come out of the beginning of a marine energy in the UK and what we need now is government support to really drive that industry forward.”

ELN also spoke to James Heappey, Conservative MP for Wells, at the conference.

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