Manufacturers ‘call on government to push the petrol and diesel ban back until 2035’

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Car manufacturers have reportedly called on the government to delay the ban on the sales of new petrol diesel cars and vans at least until 2035.

Transport Secretary Grant Shapps revealed that carmakers told him during a meeting recently that a ‘more realistic’ target would be five years later than the government’s announced ban.

Mr Shapps said: “Many of the manufacturers felt the Department for Transport needed to set an end date for the sale of vehicles with internal combustion engines, with many suggesting a realistic phase-out could be 2035.

“Combined with incentives and tax support, they thought that such a deadline would help drive the acceleration of zero emission vehicles until the time when price parity is achieved with petrol models.

“The manufacturers made clear that they are looking to government to provide a stable policy framework so that can itself stimulate demand.”

Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) Chief Executive Mike Hawes said: “Industry regularly engages with government at different levels and on a range of topics and SMMT and its members had discussions with the government on a proposed end of sale date for petrol and diesel cars and vans last year.

“With the UK Government setting out its ambitions in its 10 Point Plan in November 2020, industry now has a timeline for the transition to electrification, and many manufacturers have already announced a commitment to this goal, both for the UK and globally.”

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