‘Majority oppose preferential deals for new energy customers’

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The majority of energy customers are against new customers receiving preferential deals that disadvantage loyal customers.

That’s according to a new survey commissioned by So Energy and published today.

According to the poll of 1,000 energy customers, nearly 93% expressed support for existing customers having access to the same tariffs as new customers.

This study precedes an imminent decision by Ofgem regarding the temporary ban on suppliers offering cheaper deals exclusively to new customers, known as acquisition-only tariffs.

This ban, implemented in 2022, is set to expire in March 2024. So Energy advocates for Ofgem to make this ban permanent to prevent loyal customers from facing unfair penalties.

Co-Founder of So Energy Simon Oscroft said: “Bill payers should be able to access their suppliers’ best available deals without having to call them on renewal and haggle.

“This erodes confidence in suppliers and penalises loyal customers at a time when households are still reeling from sky high energy bills.”

Energy Live News has contacted Ofgem for comment.

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