Lutron to supply lighting controls to Empire State Building

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Lutron Electronics has been selected by the owners of the Empire State Building to supply lighting control technology for the office space occupied by tenants. 

The iconic 1930s building is undergoing a major energy efficiency makeover, which is already saving an estimated $2.4 million a year.

Ultimately, the retrofit will reduce the building’s energy use by 38% and cut energy bills by $4.4 million.

Lutron will provide sensors that turn off lights when areas are unoccupied and dimming controls that adjust lighting levels depending on the available daylight.

The sustainable lighting control technology developed for the building in collaboration with building manager Jones Lang LaSalle is expected to provide lighting energy savings of up to 65% and payback in under three years.

“The Lutron products used in the Empire State Building create savings, are easy to install, and help us and our tenants improve our bottom lines,” says Anthony Malkin of Empire State Building Company. “The resulting integrated product solution, including both wireless and digital controls, is expandable throughout Empire State Building, and is repeatable in virtually any commercial office building.”

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