Lurpak: Energy crisis spreading utterly butterly

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Images of the skyrocketing prices of butter spread Lurpak have gone viral in the last few days, leaving social media users wondering why their favourite tubs of butter have hit sky-high prices.

Shoppers have even taken to social media to share pictures of security tags on butter.

Several social media posts show tubs of Lurpak butter on sale for £7.25 or even £9.35 at some UK supermarkets.

Why has the price of the popular product gone up in just a fortnight?

In a statement, Lurpak’s owner Arla foods said: “We understand that recent inflation in food price is hitting many households really hard right now.

“Unfortunately, our farmers are facing a similar situation with prices for the feed, fertiliser and fuel they need to produce milk, all rising significantly in recent months.

“While we don’t set the prices on the shelves, we do work closely with the retailers to ensure our farmers receive a fair price for the milk they produce.”

A few months ago, a study suggested nearly 70% of small and medium businesses believe that energy costs impact their growth.

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