London port gives big cats a scratch

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London port gives big cats a scratch

Image: Wildlife Heritage FoundationImage: Wildlife Heritage Foundation

Lions and leopards from a cat sanctuary in Kent are playing with recycled toys made of bits of river junk.

They come from the Port of London Authority (PLA) which is sending materials that otherwise would be thrown away, to be used at the sanctuary as scratch posts and play pens.

The Wildlife Heritage Foundation, in Ashford Kent, has received old tow ropes, plastic pipes and lifting straps to build scratch posts or play tunnels for the cats including several big cats such as tigers, lions and leopards.

Tanya Ferry, PLA Environment Manager said: “It’s really rewarding to know that something we’ve finished with has been given another lease of life. It helps reduce the waste we are producing, and cuts the Foundation’s spending on ropes, which can be expensive.”

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