London Array turbines start turning

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The London Array Offshore Wind Farm in the Thames Estuary produced its first power yesterday, developers DONG Energy, E.ON and Masdar have announced.

At a capacity of 630 MW, the wind farm will be the world’s largest once it is completed, generating enough power to supply more than 470,000 homes.

Construction started in early 2011 on the wind farm 20 km off the coasts of Kent and Essex, and 152 of the 175 Siemens 3.6 MW turbines have now been installed. And the first of those turbines are now generating power.

Once the first phase of construction is completed, the developers are planning a second phase that, if consent is granted, will take the total capacity to 870 MW.

“The London Array project will be the first of the next generation of larger offshore wind farms,” says Benj Sykes, UK wind manager at DONG Energy. “Being able to efficiently develop large offshore wind farms and harvest the scale advantages in both construction and operation is an important element in our continuous efforts to bring down costs of energy of offshore wind.”

CEO of E.ON UK described the first generation of power as a “milestone” for the project and a “major landmark” for the renewables sector.

“We firmly believe that electricity from renewable sources has a vital part to play in helping us to deliver energy in a way that is sustainable, affordable and secure and this is why we are aiming to reduce the costs of offshore wind by 40% by 2015,” he added.

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