London 2012 Olympic Games on track to meet sustainability targets

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The London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games this summer look “broadly” on track to deliver on its sustainability targets, according to an in-depth review out this week.

The report, London 2012 – From Vision to Reality, is based on data and first-hand observations gathered by the Commission for a Sustainable London 2012 during the event.

Organisers LOCOG had aimed to meet 20% of energy use in the Olympic Park during the games from local renewable sources and cut emissions by 20% through energy use reduction.

However, the Games’ energy plan is criticised by the Commission in the report for coming online late, limiting the potential opportunities for carbon savings.

The report also found that 40% of venues were not following implementing LOCOG’s energy saving plan and energy was being wasted at 80% of venues with lights being left on and vehicles idling when stationary.

Nevertheless, says the report, the Games do appear to be largely on track to meet its – albeit not as ambitious as it could be – carbon savings target.

The organisers also pledged to send zero waste to landfill and recycle, reuse or compost 70% of waste – and the Games appear to have largely met that target.

And – somewhat surprisingly – transport was a success too, says the report, with the much-dreaded gridlock absent and public transport largely providing an excellent service with minimum disruption to residents.

“London 2012 has raised the bar on sustainability, not just for future Olympic and Paralympic Games but for industry, and for the organisers of major events the world over,” says chair of the Commission for a Sustainable London 2012, Shaun McCarthy. “I have no hesitation in confirming that London 2012 has delivered the most sustainable Games ever.”

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