LNG trucks hit the gas on decarbonisation

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LNG trucks hit the gas on decarbonisation

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Liquefied natural gas (LNG) trucks with special transmissions in France and Spain are helping two vehicle fleets reduce fuel consumption by up to 17%.

By switching trucks to clean energy sources rather than diesel and by using fully automatic Allison transmissions, both operators have reported significant improvements in fuel economy, driving responsiveness, and reliability.

In France, the publicly-financed vehicle fleet of Paris City Hall has begun taking deliveries of 11 new heavy goods vehicles and utilities vehicles.

Spanish transportation company Transnugon has acquired seven trucks in Madrid and two more trucks in Valencia, which are also Allison-equipped and powered by LNG.

The Allison gearboxes allow engine torque to be multiplied, enabling more responsive acceleration, higher productivity and greater efficiency, maximising the benefits of a natural gas engine.

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