Livingston FC kicks off deal with energy firm

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Livingston FC kicks off deal with energy firm

Posted on 10 July 2013 by Priyanka Shrestha

Livingston Football Club has picked an energy company as its main sponsor with the aim of turning the ground into “one of the most energy efficient” in the country.

Energy Assets Group, an independent provider of gas metering services to the UK industrial and commercial sector, will feature its brand on the club playing strip and lend its name to the stadium which will be known as ‘The Energy Assets Arena’.

The energy firm will be undertaking a full energy audit of the stadium and offering advice on how to cut energy usage. It will also install new monitoring and control technologies that will collect consumption data on a half-hourly bases and provide detailed analysis.

Ged Nixon (pictured, centre left), Chief Executive of Livingston FC said: “This is a highly innovative partnership for the club, its players, supporters and the wider community that goes way beyond brand promotion. Energy Assets brings expertise that has the potential to make a tangible difference to our carbon footprint and cost base, which means we will be able to focus more resources on the field and in our community out-reach programmes.”

Last month, Bolton Wanderers also chose an energy firm as it sponsor.

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