Living closer to wind farms drives energy bills down!

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The closer you live to a wind farm, the less you will pay for your energy bills!

Ahead of its energy supply strategy in the coming days, the government is reportedly examining the possibility of expanding a scheme first launched by Octopus Energy.

Some of the company’s customers in Yorkshire and Caerphilly, Wales, who live near local wind turbines, have the opportunity of getting a discount on their energy bills of up to 50%.

These two local wind turbines could provide a blueprint to more onshore wind installations to take some energy bill pressure off customers.

According to the BBC, the idea is under government consideration along with further loosening of the planning rules for new onshore wind projects.

Kwasi Kwarteng is reportedly in favour of bringing more onshore wind to the UK’s energy system while other Ministers oppose the idea.

Zoisa North-Bond, Chief Executive Officer of Octopus Energy Generation said: “Building more onshore wind turbines is the cheapest, cleanest and fastest way of creating more green power in the UK.

“If we want to become energy independent and bring down people’s energy bills – and quickly – then onshore wind absolutely has to be a significant contributor to our energy mix.

“The concept of NIMBYism has rapidly changed and we’ve been blown away by the positive feedback towards local wind turbines if energy can be supplied at cheaper rates.

“Through the Octopus Energy Fan Club, thousands of communities up and down the country have got in touch with us to build wind turbines near them, so we know the demand is definitely there.”

A BEIS spokesperson told ELN: “We continue to support people across the UK with the cost of energy bills as part of a generous £21 billion package of support, while the energy price cap continues to insulate millions from high global gas prices.

“We want to boost the use of cheap renewable energy to reduce our dependence on expensive fossil fuels, with solar and wind now much cheaper than fossil fuels.

“Our upcoming energy security strategy will supercharge our renewable energy and nuclear capacity as well as supporting our North Sea oil and gas industry.”

Trade association RenewableUK has called for onshore wind planning reforms to support bill payers.

RenewableUK’s Chief Executive Officer Dan McGrail said: “It’s right that across the UK, we should look again at the planning system to make it fit for purpose, so that it doesn’t stand in the way of communities embracing onshore wind or leave applications delayed for years.

“In England, there are some simple changes which the Government can make to planning guidance to allow more renewable energy projects to be built in England with the support of local communities.

“Under the current system, just one person can block an onshore wind project from going ahead.”

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