LG Electronics reports 75% growth in US energy efficient product sales

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South Korean multinational LG Electronics says it has seen a 75% increase in sales of its most energy efficient TV, fridges, washing machines and air conditioners in the US.

The company reports sales of more than 750,000 of ENERGY STAR ‘Most Efficient’ labelled appliances this year – up from some 400,000 the year before.

The ENERGY STAR ‘Most Efficient’ label is awarded by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to the best performing products in each category, roughly equating to the top 5%.

LG Electronics has managed to grab 60 of these highly-coveted labels, which will save consumers more than $150 million in energy costs and reduce emissions by around 930 million pounds over the lifetime of the product, according to the EPA.

After a somewhat troubled early relationship with the EPA’s ENERGY STAR scheme, where 20 of its fridge-freezers were stripped of their labels in 2010, LG Electronics is now one of the first companies to receive the ‘Most Efficient’ label and is currently ‘partner of the year’ to the scheme.

“Energy efficiency is a core consideration across the board when LG designs new products, from washing machines and refrigerators, to HDTVs and air conditioners,” says LG Electronics USA’s vice president of public affairs, John Taylor.

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