Lead acid battery group to power US solar microgrid

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Lead acid battery group to power US solar microgrid

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A lead acid battery group is to add its expertise to a solar microgrid project in the US.

The Advanced Lead Acid Battery Consortium (ALABC) will help the Missouri University of Science and Technology (Missouri ST) replace its existing lithium batteries with lead versions.

It says this will improve the performance, reliability, cost effectiveness and recyclability of its solar powered storage units.

The university hopes to create a fully functional ‘EcoVillage microgrid’ on its campus using the technology.

ALABC is an international group made up of of lead producers, battery manufacturers, application developers and research facilities organised to enhance the performance of lead batteries across a variety of markets.

The Missouri ST project aligns with a three-year programme being run by the co-operative, which aims to highlight the benefits of using lead batteries over alternative types.

ALABC’s Products and Sustainability Director Alistair Davidson said: “From an ALABC point of view, this project is expected to highlight how lead batteries are the right choice in this type of application, as we believe that they provide an excellent energy storage option for the project.”

Swedish energy giant Vattenfall is to buy batteries from BMW and use them in its energy storage projects.

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