Labour’s energy price freeze pledge ‘absolutely rock solid’

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Labour’s energy price freeze pledge ‘absolutely rock solid’


The energy price freeze pledge made by Labour is “absolutely rock solid” and the party will not be backtracking on it, Caroline Flint told ELN.

She insisted it will be taken through legislation “within the first 100 days of a Labour government” if the party wins the general election next year.

The Shadow Energy Secretary made the comment in response to Energy Minister Amber Rudd’s keynote speech at the Energy UK annual conference in London yesterday.

Ms Rudd said Labour Leader Ed Miliband “may be regretting his statement on the price freeze” and the party may well “reconsider the price freeze in the wake of evidence in the market”.

She also claimed the pledge has led to an investment shortfall in Britain.

Ms Flint however disagreed.

She told ELN: “The investment shortfall is because this government has been shilly-shallying on its support for renewable energy.”

She added: “The truth is the price freeze is about making sure the customers are compensated for overcharging in the past and also it’s there while we reform the energy market and I find it quite astonishing that Amber Rudd should hear this from apparently some executives from the energy companies because that suggests they’re artificially keeping prices high.”

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