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IMServ provides a fully managed utility Meter Operator (MOP), Data Collector and Data Aggregator (DC/DA) service.

Experienced field engineers install and maintain a variety of electricity, gas loggers, water AMR and sub-meters.  The data collection services feature an easy-to-use cloud based software platform, which delivers meter data visibility through interactive graphs, extensive reporting and cost and efficiency targeting/modelling.

Established in 1992, IMServ boasts an in-depth knowledge of the metering industry and an understanding of how power utilities (AMR) and sub-metering data can support businesses in the drive to reduce energy waste and consumption cost. IMServ advocates that metering data be at the heart of energy efficiency and cost reduction.

IMServ puts power in the hands of its customers giving access to data intelligence to see on ‘how’, ‘when’ and ‘where’ they are using energy, enabling businesses to make positive changes and deliver tangible results.

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