Illegal waste dumpers in Essex to pay £66k

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Illegal waste dumpers in Essex to pay £66k

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The operator and the landowner of an illegal waste site in Essex have been ordered to pay a total of £66,493.

Around 14,700 tonnes of soil was illegally stored behind a residential address in Great Horkesley, breaching a waste exemption and planning rules.

George Dench pleaded guilty to running the illegal site and failing to comply with an enforcement notice to remove the waste, which far exceeded the volume allowed by the exemption.

He was ordered to pay a total of £32,895 in fines and costs after seeking out companies to dump the waste there. He was paid £64,704 for allowing the activity.

His mother and landowner Annette Williams pleaded guilty to allowing the illegal waste site to run and for failing to clear the land under an enforcement notice – she has to pay a total of £33,598 in fines and costs.

Mr Dench told investigating officers he had brought the soils to the site to repair the bank of a lake there, not for financial gain.

Environment Agency Enforcement Team Leader Lesley Robertson said: “We advised the defendants several times against accepting any more soils at the site but they continued to take it.

“The site is in a village close to other homes and operations there affected people living nearby.”

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