IBM to simplify electric vehicle charging and payment

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IBM is taking the lead on a project to simplify electric vehicle charging and payment for customers wherever they are in Europe, the company announced this week.

The ‘B2B Marketplace’ demonstration setup will allow energy suppliers, carmakers and charging point owners to share and integrate services on one IT platform.

The common platform, based on IBM software and its SmartCloud Enterprise, will create a network of electric vehicle charging services compatible across Europe, allowing drivers to charge their vehicles and pay, regardless of geography or border just like international roaming on a mobile phone.

While drivers will benefit by being able to travel without worrying how far they are from an allocated charging point or one supported by their provider, utilities will also benefit from the interoperability standards and the ease of taking and managing payments.

The demonstration is part of the Green eMotion project, which counts Enel, SAP and Siemens among its 40-plus partners, funded by the European Union to establish the basis for a Europe-wide electric vehicle infrastructure by 2015.

“This marketplace will pave the way for the electromobility mass market in Europe,” says Heike Barlag, Green eMotion coordinator at Siemens. “It allows for open access to charging spots throughout Europe thus making the journey with an e-car simple and convenient.”

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