Hinkley delay: What do people think?

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Hinkley delay: What do people think?

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The UK Government has delayed the construction of Hinkley Point C in Somerset.

According to Business and Energy Secretary Greg Clark, they are going to review “carefully all the component parts of the project” and make a final decision in early autumn.

The announcement was a big surprise as EDF’s board members agreed to invest in the £18 billion nuclear project just hours before last Thursday.

There were mixed reactions from the general public.

One told ELN: “I think it’s an absolute mess and I think it’s a great shame governments haven’t done something much, much earlier.

“Governments, when they’re in power, they leave these things to the last, for the next government to fix it and they’ve really screwed up.”

Another man said he believes the government “should build” the nuclear plant because “at the end of the day we’re going to need it”.

He went on: “I don’t think they’re having second thoughts about the project, I think they’re having second thoughts about who the partnership is going to be and whether they’re still going to do with the French.”

A woman said: “I think we need it, I think we’ve got to think into the future and our electricity supply is going to run out so we need nuclear energy”.

Another man said the nuclear project is a “waste of money and haven’t been thought properly”.

He added: “The way the country is at the moment and they way everything is, the uncertainty…

“I think Hinkley Point should be at least shelved for another year, year and a half, two years to see if the economy starts to actually boost up or not.”

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