Hinkley approval: International reaction

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Hinkley approval: International reaction

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The UK Government’s decision to give the green light to Hinkley could lead to other countries following suit.

That’s the view of Agneta Rising, General Director at the World Nuclear Association (WNA), who also said Theresa May’s approval is “very good news for the UK” and the continuation of its good nuclear success.

She told ELN: “I think it is important for UK that they have done this and that means it is also important for Europe. It gives a good sign that it is a country who wants to reduce emissions and have a low carbon portfolio for the future.

“That is a good sign which others can copy and follow. They would probably do it in different ways as the market looks different in different parts of Europe but absolutely they will be following.”

William Magwood, Director General at the OECD’s Nuclear Energy Agency (NEA) also believes the UK is taking the lead in the global nuclear sector.

Speaking to ELN, he said: “I’ve been in touch with people in the British Government a lot over the last couple of years and there’s a lot of excitement from the government and in the country overall about the potential of nuclear to deal with the electricity issues in the country over the long term.”

He also believes the UK has proved it supports investors to move forward projects and the country is “trying to show leadership” in this area.

Mr Magwood added: “We always saw the strike price approach that is used in the UK as a good mechanism and I guess after studying the British Government agreed to go forward with it so it’s a sign, the sort of approach that countries can take if they want to see new plants built.

“Our view is that today the electricity market in many countries don’t support any investment of almost any technology without special subsidies so this approach which puts the owners on the private sector is a very good way, one that we think makes a lot of sense.”

EDF boss Vincent de Rivaz claims Hinkley is historic for the UK.

More reactions from the sector and environmental campaigners here.

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