Green local transport schemes get £113 million injection

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UK Transport Minister Norman Baker yesterday announced a £113 million injection of funds for 30 local low-carbon transport schemes.

This, the second allocations of funds from the Department for Transport’s (DfT) Local Sustainable Transport Fund, aims to create a sustainable transport network while delivering economic growth.

Local authorities up and down England will receive up to £5 million in funding, with each £1 received from the DfT being matched with £1.19 from local authorities and other partners.

The successful schemes, which include public transport hubs, cycling infrastructure and a new ferry service, will be led by 29 English local authorities covering eight regions.

The biggest winners were Cambridgeshire, Bedfordshire, Derby, Devon, Gloucestershire, Lancashire and Portsmouth, which all received around £5 million.

Meanwhile, the Isle of Wight will use its £3.95 million share to improve its sustainable transport network as part of its bid to become a green tourism destination.

Other schemes in cities including Slough and Stafford will spend around £4.3 million reducing rush congestion by improving public transport, cycling provision and encouraging walking.

In Durham, meanwhile, the county council will work with national charity Living Streets to increase the number of school children walking to school.

“By investing in these projects we are signalling our commitment to green growth which will help to kick-start economic activity in local areas while improving access to healthier forms of transport and addressing the problem of climate change,” commented Baker in a statement.

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