Green light for ‘world’s first energy island’ in North Sea

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Denmark has reached a landmark agreement to build what is claimed to be the ‘world’s first’ energy island in the North Sea.

The energy hub, owned by a public-private partnership, will be an artificial island 80 kilometres off Jutland peninsula in northern Europe.

The plant is predicted to cover the energy consumption of ten million households.

The energy hub will distribute green electricity from hundreds of wind turbines surrounding the island to consumers in North Sea countries.

The island is expected to cover an area of at least 120,000 square metres and in its first phase, it will be able to provide three million European households with green energy.

Danish Minister for Climate Dan Jørgensen said: “This is truly a great moment for Denmark and for the global green transition. This decision marks the start of a new era of sustainable energy production in Denmark and the world and it links very ambitious climate goals with growth and green jobs.

“The energy hub in the North Sea will be the largest construction project in Danish history. It will make a big contribution to the realisation of the enormous potential for European offshore wind, and I am excited for our future collaboration with other European countries.”

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