‘Global organisations must pledge green bond support’

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‘Global organisations must pledge green bond support’

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A new campaign from the Climate Bonds Initiative (CBI) calls for governments, businesses and councils across the world to step up their investments in green bonds.

The Green Bond Pledge aims to ensure all bonds financing long term infrastructure and capital projects adequately address environmental impacts and climate risks, help to improve resilience and support the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

It says organisations must embrace the role green bonds can play in helping to achieve such financing by supporting the rapid growth of a green bond market.

The CBI recommends these groups form a strategy to ensure this can be achieved while maintaining a competitive, prosperous and productive economy.

It states: “Because green bonds have similar yields, ratings and return profiles to other fixed income investments, they provide investors with a clear way to get both economic and environmental returns without additional risk.

“For issuers, green bonds signal that the projects being financed have accounted for climate and other environmental risk factors.”

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