Gimme! MEPs talkin’ bout micro-Generation

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Gimme! MEPs talkin’ bout micro-Generation

Posted on 09 July 2013 by Vicky Ellis

MEPs on the energy and industry committee (ITRE) today voted in favour of a motion calling for more small scale electricity and heat generation across the continent.

Large power plants dominate European energy supply but rising power prices are leading more businesses to see the value of owning their personal energy source.

The new Micro-generation Resolution could reinforce that shift towards so-called ‘microCHP’ or combined heat and power and on-site renewable energy projects.

Although it still has to be passed by the European Parliament, the motion states: “The stimulation of… a more local and decentralised energy production and consumption model is needed in order to secure its climate, energy and growth goals”.

The European Photovoltaic Industry Association (EPIA) welcomed the MEPs’ vote to “better integrate” small-scale electricity into the system.

Alexandre Roesch, Head of Regulatory Affairs for the EPIA said: “With more than 70 GW of installed capacity today, PV electricity covers the power needs of 30 million European households… Mindsets are progressively changing but more needs to be done in order to grasp the benefits associated with a decentralised model.”

Dr Fiona Riddoch, Managing Director of COGEN Europe, an industry group representing at least 70 organisations including manufacturers, energy users and utilities agreed: “The vote validates the importance of small scale technologies and the need to address some of the barriers to a faster up-take”.

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