GB power savings of £24bn with long duration energy storage

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Highlighting the significance of long duration energy storage (LDES) in the GB power system, LCP Delta’s analysis points to an expected surge in renewable energy in 2035.

The study indicates a potential excess of energy for up to 64% of hours, a marked increase from the 14% observed in 2023.

LDES, encompassing technologies like interconnectors and hydrogen, emerges as a promising solution to address this evolving energy landscape.

Moreover, the analysis suggests that investing in 20GW of LDES by 2050 could result in £24 billion in savings in power system costs between 2030 and 2050.

The study finds that this strategic approach may mitigate the need for additional offshore wind capacity and align with decarbonisation goals, potentially resulting in a 10-28% reduction in carbon dioxide emissions with 12GW of deployed LDES.

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