Gary Collins

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Gary Collins

ELCC SPEAKER 17 - Gary Collins

Gary has worked within the energy industry for more than fifteen years and has a wealth of experience across the industrial and commercial [IC] sector, the renewable sector, and has been involved in the development and financing of industrial energy efficiency projects.

The AB Energy(UK) Ltd is the UK sales arm of the AB Group who’s head office are based near Milan, Italy.  AB is Europe’s largest CHP manufacture of Jenbacher based CHP solutions with over 1500 units installed worldwide. AB Energy works with UK businesses and other large energy users to help them take control of their energy by giving them the power to i) operate, monitor and optimise their energy assets, ii) design, build and commission new onsite generation, and iii) identify and integrate the best technologies to deliver reduced costs, new revenue streams, improved site resilience and lower carbon emissions.

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