Fracking: concerns over ‘UK’s ability to forecast drilling-linked earthquakes’

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Although the government has signalled lifting of the ban on fracking during Liz Truss‘ major first policy announcement of her premiership last week, scientists have reportedly warned about specific aspects of this practice.

While the publication of a much-anticipated report by the British Geological Survey has been held up due to the Queen’s death, the Guardian has reported that the report admits that not much progress has been made in forecasting fracking-induced earthquakes and their magnitude.

According to what has been reported, this “remains a scientific challenge”.

The report that the Guardian claims to have seen says that there are still “significant existing knowledge gaps”.

Commenting on the leaked British Geological Survey report, Tom Fyans, Director of Campaigns and Policy at the countryside charity CPRE, said: “Determined to force fracking onto unwilling communities, the government is moving the goal posts.

“From a ban unless this damaging process could be proven safe, it now says it welcomes fracking “done as safely as possible”.

“In other words, it is determined to put the interests of fossil fuel companies ahead of ordinary people and will likely have to upend the planning process to do so. This would be a betrayal of local democracy.”

A government spokesperson told ELN: “We commissioned the British Geological Survey to advise on the latest scientific evidence on shale gas extraction.

“Making the most of our own gas resources makes us less dependent on imports and helps maintain the security of the UK’s energy supply in both the short and long-term.

“Drawing on lessons from around the world, we will make sure it is done as safely as possible and where there is local support.”

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