‘Fossil fuel companies must cough up for the costs of climate change’

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Oil and gas firms should pay for the impacts of climate change.

That’s according to the British public, with 78% of UK citizens stating they think the financial responsibility lies with those that emit fossil fuels.

Their views were raised in a poll by Christian Aid, asking who should cough up for the cost of floods, wildfires and drought.

The analysis found that 63% of Brits supported oil and gas companies being taxed, with all money being used to help smaller nations fight climate change.

These companies raking in record profits during the energy crisis seems to have influenced this decision, alongside their exploits of emitting greenhouse gases being heavily linked to the increase in extreme weather events.

Last year, fossil fuel emissions made up 65% of total emissions, with 37 billion tonnes – the analysis claims.

Christian Aid Chief Executive Patrick Watt said: “The UK government should be ensuring that major polluters meet their moral responsibility to repair the damage they have caused to the climate.”

The Department for Energy Security and Net Zero has been approached for comment.

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