First public ultra-fast EV chargers hit Europe

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First public ultra-fast EV chargers hit Europe

Image: Allego

Europe’s first public ultra-fast charging points have gone into operation in Germany.

Provider Allego says they will mean the average electric vehicle (EV) can be filled with enough charge to drive at least 100 kilometres in only five minutes.

The infrastructure in Kleinostheim, near Frankfurt, makes up the start of what will be a transnational corridor running through the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany to Austria, made up of 21 ultra-fast charging stations.

The four ultra-fast 175kW chargers will be upgraded to enable up to 350kW in early 2018.

Similar facilities will be erected at intervals of 150 to 200 kilometres along the motorway to open up the whole region to the drivers of clean cars.

Chief Operating Office of Allego, Ulf Schulte, said: “We are delighted to be setting a milestone for future electro-mobility in Europe with this new generation of fast chargers.

“The ultra-fast charging stations are designed to accommodate many current and future types of e-car. They are particularly suited to the new long range e-cars that will be available from 2018.”

A 2,000 kilometre EV superhighway has been announced in Queensland, Australia.

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