First 118 regions and local authorities join EU Mission for Adaptation to Climate Change

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The first 118 regions and local authorities that will participate in the EU Mission for Adaptation to Climate Change have been announced.

These regions and local authorities, which come from 18 member states, have signed the Mission Charter, supporting them towards climate resilience by 2030.

The EU Commission intends to support at least 150 European regions and communities in total, helping them better understand, prepare for and manage climate risks as well as develop innovative solutions to build resilience.

The Mission Adaptation will receive €370 million (£315m) of Horizon Europe funding for the period 2021/23, with research and innovation addressing rebuilding areas impacted by extreme weather events, restoring floodplains, vertical farming or creating a ‘perfectly adapted’ city ready to withstand a storm or heatwave.

It also provides networking opportunities, exchange of best practices between regions and local authorities and support to engage citizens.

Frans Timmermans, Executive Vice President for the European Green Deal said: “While climate negotiations are global and much of our legislation is European, the changes we need on the ground are local: they happen city by city, neighbourhood by neighbourhood, street by street. Change will only happen if it happens bottom up. Whether it is greening public spaces, developing water retention systems and insulating homes, cities and regions are already developing innovative ideas to adapt to climate change.

“The more than 100 regions and communities in the Mission Adaptation will be true trailblazers, showing millions of Europeans that a green, clean and healthy future is possible for everyone.”

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