EV firms charge up roaming between European and North American networks

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Two electric vehicle (EV) charging networks have teamed up to enable drivers to roam between their networks in Europe and North America.

They will be able to access ChargePoint and EVBox’s public charging stations while travelling through the regions from January 2019, eliminating the need to register for multiple accounts and ensure drives don’t have to pay additional fees when roaming.

They will be using the Open Charge Point Interface, which enables network operators to exchange key information needed to provide roaming services.

The two companies, which have around 100,000 charging points worldwide, have pledged to expand their global charging network to 3.5 million by 2025.

Kristof Vereenooghe, CEO of EVBox said: “Millions of EVs will become available globally and with it comes the need for a global charging infrastructure. For this to work, a network built upon standards is an absolute must, therefore we are happy to announce this historic agreement with ChargePoint to that aim.

“Our global roaming agreement is the biggest to date and will make driving and charging EVs easier and more convenient globally. I strongly hope other eMobility providers and operators will also be inspired to form similar partnerships and agreements.”

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