‘EU’s 17GW wind boost in 2023 falls short of 2030 targets’

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The EU constructed a record 17GW of new wind energy last year, representing a slight increase from the previous year.

Despite this achievement, the figure falls short of the 30GW annual target required to meet the EU’s 2030 climate and energy security goals.

Germany led in new wind capacity, followed by the Netherlands and Sweden.

The Netherlands notably added the world’s largest wind farm, the 1.5GW “Hollandse Kust Zuid.”

According to WindEurope data, the EU’s wind production in 2023 comprised 14GW onshore and 3 GW offshore.

Despite the progress in wind energy, it constituted 19% of electricity production in the EU last year, with hydro at 13%, solar at 8% and biomass at 3%.

The combined renewable share amounted to 44% of electricity produced.

Although the International Energy Agency estimates Europe will build 23GW annually from 2024-2028, the EU’s Wind Power Package aims to bolster these numbers.

The package outlines actions, such as simplified permitting and financial support for wind turbine manufacturing. 

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