EU agrees on energy saving legislation but lowers ambition

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European Union representatives have reportedly reached agreement on new legislation to improve energy efficiency.

The draft Energy Efficiency Directive, which still need to be signed off by the 27 member states, is likely to commit the region to an energy efficiency target of a 15-17% improvement, down from the original proposal of a 20% target.

According to Reuters reports, it was the UK – which claims to have the greenest government yet – that pushed for a weakening of one of the central clauses of the Directive, to require utilities to deliver energy savings.

The original proposal called for a commitment for energy companies of 1.5% of annual sales, which the UK drove down to 1%, also adding a clause allowing savings from future and past years to be taken into account.

But Energy Minister Charles Hendry said in a statement:
“The UK has to date supported Danish efforts to secure a deal provided that there is sufficient flexibility to take account of member states’ individual circumstances.”

However, without the new requirement, the EU is only likely to achieve a 10% improvement in energy efficiency by 2020.

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