Essex and Hertfordshire partner to go smart

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Essex and Hertfordshire partner to go smart

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Essex County Council and Hertfordshire County Council have announced they are working together to trial a range of new smart city technologies.

In partnership with Cambridge-based technology firm Telensa, the two councils will assess how new monitoring and digital services can improve quality-of-life and the economy in the areas.

The new project will dim unnecessary street lighting on empty roads, optimise local traffic patterns to reduce congestion, keep track of bins getting full and monitor air quality to help cut down on air pollution.

The councils are currently assessing the suitability of three sites across the counties, with the pilot due to commence in March and run for around eight weeks.

Ralph Sangster, Executive Member for Highways at Hertfordshire County Council, said: “We have already converted around 65,000 of our street lights to LEDs and are in the process of converting the remainder, some 50,000, by March 2020.

“LEDs not only use much less energy but also emit less carbon dioxide than conventional lamps, helping to cut the county council’s carbon tax contribution.”

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