England’s top solar hotspots unveiled

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Fresh data examining the installation of solar panels on homes since the start of 2023 has unveiled the top five most solar-savvy regions in England.

Insights from the industry standards organisation, the Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS), show that South Cambridgeshire leads the way with a 1.86% growth, followed by St Albans (1.64% growth), Westmorland and Furness (1.63% growth), East Cambridgeshire (1.61% growth) and Winchester (1.58% growth).

These regions significantly exceed the national average growth of 0.59% from January 2023 until now.

In 2023, solar panels in England provided 793,038kWh of energy output, equivalent to charging 20 million phones for a week.

The forecasted installations for 2024, combined with those since January 2023, amount to 223,299.

The regional analysis was conducted by installer Project Solar based on MCS data.

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