England grapples with severe flooding

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A storm coupled with a week of relentless rainfall has led to widespread flooding, devastating hundreds of homes in England.

As the nation grapples with the aftermath, approximately 260 flood warnings are currently in effect, concentrated in the Midlands, East Anglia and southern England.

Residents in affected areas are facing forced evacuations, compounding the challenges posed by flooded roads and railway tracks, causing significant delays for travellers.

The severity of the situation has prompted the declaration of a major incident in Nottinghamshire, particularly around the River Trent.

According to the Environment Agency, more than 1,000 homes have been flooded this week alone.

Nottinghamshire County Council reports more than 100 homes hit by flooding, with the possibility of an increase in the coming days.

Stefan Laeger, Flood Duty Manager at the Environment Agency, said: “Significant river flooding impacts are still expected today and on Saturday across parts of the East Midlands on the River Trent downstream of Nottingham, the River Severn including Gloucester and Tewkesbury and also today in the South West on the River Avon due to the recent prolonged wet weather and intense rainfall.

“Flood impacts are expected to continue over parts of England over the next five days as rivers and groundwater levels remain high, despite a change to drier weather.

“Environment Agency teams are out on the ground, working to minimise the impacts of flooding where possible by operating flood defences and clearing watercourses. So far, more than 44,000 properties have been protected in the last few days.”

Greenpeace UK Climate Campaigner Georgia Whitaker said: “While the Prime Minister is on a tour to kick off the election year, thousands of people are seeing their homes, businesses and fields wrecked by rising water.

“This is just a glimpse of the devastation the climate crisis will bring to communities across the UK if the government carries on ignoring this existential threat.

“We have known for decades that the climate crisis would bring more rainfall and flooding to the UK and yet the government completely failed to prepare for it.

“Thousands of flood defences are in state of disrepair and minister are still allowing developers to build in high-risk areas, while also pushing for more oil and gas drilling that will only make the problem worse. It’s a double failure.”

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